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It can be a pain, keeping track of your life. Calendars maintain organization, clocks provide order, but no tool can give you an analysis, a breakdown of your daily life in the pursuit of happiness. Project Spark and the Your Spark blog offer the opportunity to do just that. We’re excited to start this new community, but we know we don’t have all the answers to how hectic life is for those who are at the same stage of life’s travels. We also have a new, free application for BlackBerry and for iPhone that sifts through the chaos of your schedule by breaking down your calendar events into four categories:

  • Professional: career driven activities
  • Personal: time spent with family, friends or for leisure purposes
  • Health & Wellness: fitness or spiritual oriented activities
  • R&D: time spent on your ideas, interests and skill development

The categories are yours to own though, and aren’t meant to be rigidly defined. The app itself is incredibly simple to use. Just download Project Spark to your BlackBerry or iPhone and start by setting goals for yourself for each category (% of time you desire to spend in a week). By opening up your calendar and tagging events you can track progress on the Current and Progress screens, and even post your charts to your Facebook Wall if you want to share with your friends! The application does not gather any of the data you tag.

Follow our Your Spark blog here, and be on the lookout for some interesting content in the future. In the meantime, don’t forget to download the app! We hope it serves you well…